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I am excited aren’t I?

I joined The Dental Web Directory last August. I had nothing to lose but a few easy minutes to claim my listing. I haven't fully did my listing as I didn't know how to make a video or to put photos in. I emailed the directory administrator and he promised me that he would help me do this in the new...

Dr. Mark Poustie

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Good for both future dental patients and dentists

I claimed my listing and I added a description of our office. I added a picture and a video and I can't believe the response that I got from it. We got 4 calls in the first week and 2 of them became patients. This has to be the way to go. It's good for both future dental patients and dentists alike.

Dr. Joe Miskin

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This is an amazing site

This is an amazing site. It has everybody. The Who's Who in dentistry. I know that this site is just starting but I am impressed.

Linda Fisher

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Finding a dentist was much easier

Moving to a new area meant I had to get a new doctor and dentist. Thanks to finding a dentist was much easier than finding a doctor.


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