Dental equipment stolen from Vancouver Island charity

Dental equipment stolen from Vancouver Island charityPosted By:Dr. Joe Miskin of Miskin Dental Ajax and Kendall Hansonon: October 03, 2018In: CHEKNewsWATCH: The head of a Vancouver Island charity is appealing for help after thieves stole some expensive dental equipment. It happened this past weekend in Nanaimo. The charity provides dental care to remote parts of Vancouver Island and the theft comes less than two weeks before the equipment was going to be used during an upcoming trip. Kendall Hanson reports.She normally works in Nanaimo but each year, as part of the charity she founded, she also goes to remote parts of Vancouver Island to help people who don’t have access to or can’t afford dental care.“And I take volunteers with me when I can so it’s a growing program that’s been really successful and really well received by the communities,” said Cooper, president of the Share A Smile Society. “They look forward to us coming every yearBut this fall’s trip was put in jeopardy.“At some point in time from 9 o’clock in the morning Saturday until when I discovered the loss on Sunday morning, it went missing,” said Cooper.Last weekend much of the charity’s dental equipment was stolen. She says while a tenant was moving out a garage door wasn’t properly secured and that’s where the equipment was being stored.“Portable cavitrons. There were two of these units that were taken and they were brand new,” said Cooper.The equipment is worth over $10,000.“They’re really of no use to anybody other than to somebody who can practice dental hygiene so I’m really hoping that that equipment at least will be returned to us,” said Cooper.Nanaimo RCMP is investigating.Dental equipment suppliers are replacing some of the stolen items and insurance will cover some of her costs but Cooper and her charity say they are looking for more heal to aid in bringing smiles to remote communities this fall.A GoFundMe link is here.  

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